Grand Canyon Private Day Hiking

Family Friendly

Safe, Educational, Fun • Unforgettable

Grand Canyon Private Day Hiking

Family Friendly

Safe, Educational, Fun • Unforgettable

2023 Operating Guidelines

Our Operating Guidelines for 2023: COVID-19



Wearing Masks

At this time, wearing a mask in the Grand Canyon Park is optional both indoors and outdoors. Please bring a mask for use of any public transportation, where it may be required.

Personal Trash Bags

Each guest will receive a personal trash bag for disposing anything of a biohazard concern such as tissues, wipes, food wrappers, etc. Everyone will be responsible for their own bag and will dispose of it at the end of the trip.

Wash and Sanitize Hands

Everyone will get an individual bottle of hand sanitizer to use for the duration of the trip. There will also be a hand washing station during lunch. We will encourage the guests to use this in order to maintain clean practices in hygiene.

Wearing Gloves

Each guest will receive their own individual gloves to wear when handing food at lunch. Everyone will be responsible for disposing their gloves into the personal trash bag.

Snack Bags

There will be individual snack bags issued to each guest.


Every company item will go through rigorous cleaning, sanitization, and rotation amounting to 72 hours before put back into circulation.

Items to be adhered to rigorous cleaning are; Trekking Poles, Packs, Spikes, Laundry, Tarps.

Please see Desert Hiking Equipment Cleaning Procedures for a more detailed understanding of how to properly clean and sanitize company gear.


Everyone is expected to bring a mask for use of any public transportation, where it may be required.

Gear that is to be issued to guests will be done so individually.

A handwashing station with soap must be set up and used by everyone during meals.

Guides must wear masks when washing dishes or preparing food as well as gloves.

Guests are forbidden to help with cleanup or preparation of meals.

Guides must contact Desert Hiking LLC emergency line (317-603-1551) if guests develop any symptoms related to COVID-19 during a tour.

Desert Hiking is following CDC approved sanitation practices of our facilities and equipment. This includes rotating all gear after each use to eliminate all viruses.

Guests and guides are not allowed on the trip if they’ve been exposed to or experienced symptoms of Covid-19 within the last 14 days.

We will only provide private day hikes in small groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your group will meet your tour guide at the Grand Canyon South Rim Visitors Center inside the park.

Each trail is roughly 3-6 miles round trip and 5-7 hours on each trail.

Yes, but we will still provide a lunch for you in case you change your mind. Price of lunch is included in the price .

Yes, please let us know in advance what restrictions you have.

We can take up to 7 people, including kids. If you'd like to inquire about groups larger than 7, please contact us.

Las Vegas - 4hrs 20 min

Phoenix- 3 hrs 41 min

Flagstaff- 1 hr 28 min

St george- 4 hr 51 min

You may cancel up to 48 hours with a full refund. If you cancel within 48 hours of your trip, you wil recieve a 50% refund.